Don’t Starve on the go: Giant Edition coming to PS Vita in September

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Klei Entertainment has announced that Don’t Starve, the studio’s fantastic survival game, is coming to PlayStation Vita on September 2 with the Giant Edition, which includes the Reign of Giants DLC. While Reign of Giants costs an extra $5 on top of the base game on previous platforms, the combined Giant Edition will only cost $15 total.

Klei had to re-write enough of the code for the Vita port to render cross-play with PlayStation 4 version impossible, but it has implemented cross-buy, meaning that if you own Don’t Starve for PS4 then you can get it for free on Vita, and vice versa.

In the rash of crafting and survival games that came out in the wake of MinecraftDon’t Starve was the first to really stand out with a voice and feel that is entirely its own. It trades in chunky voxels for charming, hand-drawn 2D animated sprites, and turns down the creative elements in favor of richer systems and more fully designed content.

Reign of Giants expanded the core game in every direction, adding more seasons, biomes and weather variation, two new characters, and the eponymous giants as one more of the countless, horrible ways you can die.

There is no word yet on if and when the Vita or PS4 versions will receive the Don’t Starve Together multiplayer expansion, announced earlier in 2014 for PC. We expect more news on that in the coming week as Klei promised to bring a playable build to PAX Prime.