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Dr Disrespect plans on suing Twitch a year after being banned

Dr Disrespect announced on his livestream this week that he plans on suing Twitch over his ban from the platform last year. The popular Twitch streamer claims that he is now aware of the reason why Twitch banned him in 2020 and will seek damages.

In June 2020, Dr Disrespect, whose real name is Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, was banned from the streaming platform due to “violating the Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.” No details were actually unveiled, and this caused many fans of both Dr Disrespect and the general Twitch community to speculate. This is not particularly distinct from other bans from Twitch, as the platform generally does not reveal the reason why streamers get banned in the first place. However, due to his fame, many people were wondering why Dr Disrespect was banned. Eventually, Dr Disrespect did find a home on YouTube.

Dr Disrespect has known the reason for his Twitch ban for months and is "suing the f*ck" out of Twitch

— Jake Lucky (@JakeSucky) August 23, 2021

For a full year, Dr Disrespect did not talk about his ban from Twitch. The first time he mentioned it was around the anniversary of his ban. Recently. he did come out to talk about it again when asked if he knew why he was banned. He claims that he does know why he was banned and that he has known for months. Dr Disrespect believes that he was unjustly banned from the platform and that he has a strong enough case to sue Twitch for damages because of the ban. At the time of the ban, he had around 23,000 subscribers on Twitch with a similar view count per stream.

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