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Someone played competitive ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ with a ‘Rock Band’ piano

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Dragon Ball FighterZ is a ridiculously fast and intense fighting game. It’s the type of game that, for most serious players, asks to be played with a fight stick. Of course, regular PS4 and Xbox One controllers work fine as well. But, um, what about a PS3 Rock Band piano controller? Well, apparently that does the trick, too — at least for one crafty guy (via Kotaku).

My dude is out here getting top seed in pools at our #DBFZ monthly with a rock band keyboard controller

— Joe (@TorontoJoe) February 3, 2018

As bonkers as that may look, a guy named Greg did in fact mod a PS3 Rock Band piano to play with some rather unconventional choices. Greg not only played FighterZ with a Rock Band controller, but he came out of his tournament pool as the number one seed. We can’t help but wonder how dominant Greg is with the fight stick on the table in front of him.

Playing games with unconventional controllers has become something of a trend in recent years.

Dark Souls aficionado Benjamin Gwin holds an actual Guinness World Record for beating the super challenging RPG with a dizzying nine alternative controllers. He too used a Rock Band piano, as well as the drum kit, guitar controller, the microphone, a Dance Dance Revolution mat, a Wii remote, a steering wheel, and a race wheel. Because of Dark Souls‘ much talked about difficulty, playing with weird controllers has become popular within the space.

The most jaw-dropping instance of playing with a bizarre controller probably belongs to Twitch user Rudeism. In 2016, he celebrated his love for Overwatch hero Winston by rigging up a controller comprised of bananas. Yes, real bananas. He connected wires and metal to unpeeled bananas and thanks to the potassium, they worked as conductors. Pushing down on a banana triggered an action on screen.

As you can see, Greg isn’t alone in his desire to think of strange ways to play his favorite games. However, we will say that using a Rock Band piano controller in a fighting game comes in as one of the most impressive examples of this pursuit. Fighting games, particularly fast ones like FighterZ, take a degree of technical skill not seen in other genres. Abandoning a fight stick for a piano controller? That takes some serious skill.

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