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‘Dragon Quest XI’ bundle includes both 3DS and PS4 versions of the game

dragon quest xi bundle 3ds ps4 dq11
In a move that is as rare as it is intriguing, Square Enix has managed to convince Sony and Nintendo to allow it to release a bundle of Dragon Quest XI with both the PS4 and 3DS versions of the game included. It is a special edition of the game, but can you think of any time two console makers shared the limelight like this?

Dragon Quest as a series has been running since 1986, so some of its fan base have been with it for a long, long time. Some of those fans may remember the old “Spell of Restoration,” feature which was used on the original game and its sequel as a password save system. The fact that that system is set to make some sort of comeback with Dragon Quest XI is perhaps why this special bundle exists.

Although not fully detailed yet, the game will have some sort of save system that could perhaps be transferred between the PlayStation 4 version and the 3DS version. You’ll need both iterations of the game to play it on both platforms, so getting them both in one pack is an easy way of getting hold of them.

It won’t be cheap though. When this special edition of the game goes on sale on July 29, Kotaku has it that it will cost just shy of 15,000 yen, or around $135. It will be available only through select retailers like Lawson and HMV, as well as Square’s own estore. Players can also expect different graphical options on each platform, with the PS4 version offering higher resolution graphics, while the 3DS version will offer a 2D pixel mode as well as its lower-resolution standard play.

The “Dragon Quest XI Double Pack: Hero Sword Box” will be delivered in a special edition box, featuring some unique sword artwork and each version of the game will have its own specialized box designed to resemble a book.

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