Dying Light still hasn’t stopped making fun of Destiny’s Red Bull DLC promotion

dying light drink for dlc rewards header

In June Destiny partnered with energy drink Red Bull on a campaign that saw players buying cans in order to unlock in-game DLC. Dying Light developer Techland took this as an opportunity to poke fun at the competition with its own campaign that urged players to drink water – any water – in order to unlock DLC in its game.

The joke campaign took off, reaching thousands of retweets, and Techland doubled down on the campaign, promising actual DLC packs based on the number of affiliated tweets. The company wasn’t kidding, as earlier this week the company tweeted a preview of the first (and possibly only) DLC to be released as a result of the campaign.

“You stayed hydrated and won 2 free DLCs for everyone,” the image in the tweet reads. The first piece of DLC is a new quest titled Fountain of Youth that sees players bringing clean water back to the quarantine zone. The second is a blueprint for a new in-game weapon, the water balloon, which makes groups of enemies “super vulnerable to electricity.”

While it was initially said that DLC would unlock at 10,000, 20,000, 35,000, and 50,000 affiliated tweets, it’s unclear if this means that 20,000 was met, hence two pieces of DLC, or it more is possibly on the way. Either way, DLC for doing nothing but drinking a glass of water and tweeting about it isn’t a bad deal.

This isn’t the only new content coming to Dying Light. Last month Techland released a trailer for an upcoming expansion to the game titled The Following. Unlike the main game, which takes place in a quarantined city, the expansion looks almost like an entirely different game, letting the player roam the countryside with the help of a their trusty dune buggy.

The DLC has not yet been added to the game, but according to the tweet it is “coming soon.” No release date for The Following has been announced so far either.