E3 2011 trailer: Hitman Absolution

e3 2011 trailer hitman absolution absoNow, if we were going to judge all the recently released E3 trailers in order to pick the best, this would definitely be among the nominees. Actually, we are going to judge the E3 trailers, so this one deserves your attention.

After a quick stint in Hollywood, Agent 47 returns to his natural home in the world of video games in Hitman Absolution. The details are frustratingly scarce, but it appears that the game will take place primarily in the United States and—this is just a guess, mind you—47 will probably kill a lot of people in new and interesting ways. Don’t quote us on that though.

IO Interactive and Square Enix will be releasing Hitman Absolution sometime in 2012, so for now gaze on in wonder and prepare for a long wait.

[Warning: The following trailer may not–ok, it is certainly not suitable for all ages]