EA Sports cancels Season Ticket and Sports Arena subscriptions

ea sports cancels season ticket arena
EA Sports Season Ticket, an annual subscription service that allowed early access to the publisher’s sports games and discounted DLC, will be phased out by early 2016. A recently-updated FAQ indicates that EA will stop selling Season Ticket in March 2015, and that they will all expire without the possibility of renewal by March 2016. The subscription cost has been reduced from $25 to $20 for its final years.

In a similar announcement, EA also revealed the closure of Sports Arena, a multiplayer service that connects EA Sports fans for remote competition. Games currently being supported will remain so until the servers go down in November 2014. New titles released between now and then, such as Madden NFL 15, will not be added to the service.

Although EA has made no official statement yet, the closure of these services is presumably connected to the recent announcement of the publisher’s new subscription service, EA Access, which might encompass similar functionality under its broader umbrella of all things EA.

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