EB Games Australia reveals SNES-styled Wii U controller

 SNES Wii U Controller

Remember when Nintendo first announced the Wii U’s Pro Controller? The company was immediately slammed for lifting design cues from the current Xbox 360 controller, and it’s no real mystery why. The Pro Controller looks almost identical to an Xbox 360 controller, down to the placement of the buttons, the joysticks and the controller’s overall shape. If a new retailer listing is to be believed though, Nintendo plans to offer a different color scheme for the controller that should help Nintendo fans find a way to love the device.

As of now the only mention of the “SNES Version” of the Wii U Pro controller comes from a listing on the EB Games Australia website. Fortunately though, it contains images and enough information to peg this thing as apparently identical to the Wii U Pro controller we’ve known about for months, though obviously with an entirely new aesthetic.

According to EB Australia, the SNES Pro controller will retail for $48 (which is presumably in Australian dollars and roughly translates to $50 USD). It’s available for pre-order now, though the site claims that it won’t be released until November 30, 2012, a date that sees this thing hitting store shelves a mere few weeks after the Wii U console itself debuts.

As for whether or not your Nintendo nostalgia is enough to warrant a purchase of this thing is entirely up to you, though we expect hardcore Nintendo devotees will snatch these controllers up as quickly as they become available. If you’re hoping to own one of your very own any time soon we’d suggest waiting until Nintendo officially announces this controller, then pre-ordering from your local retailer as soon as possible.