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Elden Ring PC patch addresses slow performance and crashes

For anyone playing Elden Ring on PC who’s getting annoyed with the game’s somewhat shoddy performance, the game’s latest patch might alleviate some of those frustrations. Its version 1.02.2 patch doesn’t address many issues on PC, but Elden Ring can finally start using a bit more of the graphics card it’s running off of.


Patch 1.02.2 for PC and PS5 available now.

💠Fixed an issue where the graphics card was not being used, resulting in slow performance.
💠Fixed a bug that caused the game to quit under certain conditions during a battle with the Fire Giant.
💠Fixed other bugs.

— ELDEN RING (@ELDENRING) March 2, 2022

Specifically, the patch notes for Elden Ring‘s latest update claims that an “issue where the graphics card was not being used, resulting in slow performance,” was fixed. Even for a PC game, that’s a pretty strange fix to see, especially for something as high-profile as Elden Ring. Today’s patch should also fix some of the game’s bugs, including one that made the game quit out “under certain conditions” while players were fighting the Fire Giant.

Elden Ring‘s latest patch also included some changes for the game’s PS5 version, although they’re pretty minor. After downloading the update on PS5Elden Ring‘s progression will save even when it’s not terminated. That means simply suspending the game will likely cause it to be saved.

While today’s fix means that Elden Ring will use more of a PC’s graphics card, the game doesn’t seem to be using everything it possibly can. Running on a PC equipped with an RTX 3080 graphics cardElden Ring at max settings made the GPU peak at just 32% usage.

It’s not likely that today’s patch will fix Elden Ring‘s biggest problem on PC either. The game still stutters every so often, an issue that relates directly to how the game compiles shaders. This problem won’t be addressed until FromSoftware releases another patch that targets it directly.

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