‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ has a release date for PC/Mac, console versions to follow

elder scrolls online set launch april 2014 macpc

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The Elder Scrolls Online is set to launch for Mac and PC on April 4, 2014, Bethesda confirms. The planned PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will follow sometime in June 2014. 

The upcoming game marks Bethesda’s first foray into the realm of massively multiplayer gaming, compliments of ZeniMax Online Studios. It fuses the open world approach of past Elder Scrolls titles with the long-asked-for inclusion of multiplayer-driven adventuring. The game’s story is set 1,000 years before the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, during a time of great strife. Three main factions do battle with one another for control of the lands, all while the Daedric prince Molag Bal tries to mess things up for everyone. Check out or pre-E3 preview for more on the game.

Unlike many new MMO titles (and some older ones) that have embraced the free-to-play business model in some form or another, Bethesda is going with an up-front cost coupled with a monthly $14.99 subscription.

Bethesda released a new trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online to celebrate the release date news. You can check it out below.