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Fortnite players spot a rare golden fish that kills enemies in a single hit

Recently, several Fortnite players have uploaded gameplay footage of themselves catching the legendary golden fish that will instakill you.

The mysterious golden fish has been discovered by a slew of content creators, including Reddit user, Blake Benbow, who uploaded a video to the Fortnite subreddit, showcasing his character getting eliminated by a golden fish. Aside from the fact that the fish looks more like a trophy than an actual fish, what is interesting about this mythical creature, is the immense power it holds. According to early leaks, the mythical creature was claimed to deal 90 damage, when in reality, it deals 200 damage as evidenced by several players such as YouTuber, iOllek, who shared the experience of encountering the mystic sea creature.

Rumors and theories surrounding a mystic fish first came to light after Epic Games introduced a new fishing feature as part of the new content presented in Chapter 2. Players that obtain a fishing rod will have the option to go fishing, catching fish with your rod will regenerate any health you might have lost. Or, if you are lucky, you can reel in some new supplies or weapons for your inventory. When Epic Games first announced the fishing feature, a unique achievement surfaced, with the title referencing a mysterious golden fish, thus, in turn, sparking numerous fan theories about a golden fish.

Fortnite Mystic Fish

The inclusion fo the mystic goldfish is one of the few new and rare items Epic Games has introduced into Chapter 2. Unlike other games that offer “overpowered weapons,” items such as the golden fish serve as a substitute and will take out anyone in its path in a single hit. Currently, the mystic goldfish sits on top as the rarest item in the popular free-to-play title. Many players have flocked to online such as the Fortnite subreddit, expressing how they spent hours fishing only to come up short with no golden fish in sight. Despite the mathematical odds of catching the fish being slim to none, there is a chance that players can indeed find it during a match, keep in mind, however, that it will require a lot of time (and even more) patience.

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