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A reel challenge? Here’s how to fish in Fortnite: Chapter 2

After almost two days of waiting (and a ton of hours probably playing the Galaga-esque mini-game), Epic Games has finally launched a quasi-reboot of Fortnite, its popular free-to-play game. Called Fortnite: Chapter 2, it boasts a Battle Royale mode that introduces a slew of new content, from items and vehicles to fresh ways to earn experience points, as well as new challenges and missions for you to enjoy.

How to fish in Fortnite: Chapter 2

Completing a specific challenge will net you a fishing rod, allowing you to fish in-game as shown in a previously leaked trailer uploaded online yesterday. Fishing is one of the newest pastimes you can partake in during battle and serves as another option for players to obtain new weapons (and even some actual fish). We are going to show you how to complete this challenge and snag the fishing rod.

Fishing Rod Locations

Finding an actual fishing rod is a lot easier than you may imagine. They are scattered all over the island, so there’s no need to kill each other over the item. Once a new match has started, you can either obtain the rod by opening a chest near a body of water or, if you find yourself on the north side of the map, venture over to Craggy Cliffs.

Once you have a fishing rod in your possession, you can start the challenge. Your goal is to catch a weapon with your rod. Head over to a body of water (any will do) and cast your rod.

There is no specific time frame for exactly how long it will take to catch a weapon. Just like real-life fishing, to find the gun, simply leave your rod in the water for a little while and then reel your line back to you.

Fortnite Fishing

A number of things can happen when you reel your line back in — you could snag a fish, a rusted can, absolutely nothing, or an excellent weapon for your inventory. Do not expect to catch a gun on your first cast; it may take a few attempts before you reel in a firearm. Keep in mind that you will still need to watch your back, as enemies will be out to kill you while you attempt to complete this task.

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