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Epic Games Store finally enables cloud saves, but for just 2 games so far

The Epic Games Store finally enabled cloud saves for titles purchased on the platform, but the rollout of the feature is not yet as widespread as many customers hoped.

Cloud saves, which back up saves of games online for easy recovery in case something unfortunate happens, is a standard feature among modern gaming platforms, including the Epic Games Store’s rival Steam. According to a road map that Epic Games released through Trello, cloud saves were targeted to arrive in the digital storefront this month.

A tweet by Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, however, shows that the company has apparently fallen short on its goal.

Cloud saves are enabled for a couple of new games right now. We have a bit more work to do before rolling it out more widely.

— Tim Sweeney (@TimSweeneyEpic) July 25, 2019

Unfortunately for customers who are looking forward to cloud saves, the feature is currently only available for Moonlighter and This War of Mine. The two games are currently free on the Epic Games Store.

When asked whether adding the cloud save feature is a manual process, like adding titles to the Epic Games Store, Sweeney answered yes, but for the team behind the digital store. He admitted that developers do not have to update their games to enjoy the feature, so it looks like the delay in implementation is only on Epic Games’ side. Sweeney did not provide a specific timeline for the wider rollout of cloud saves.

Other goals on the Epic Games Store road map that are targeted for completion this month include a redesign of the store’s page, improvements to offline mode, player playtime tracking, and Humble Bundle integration.

Moonlighter and This War of Mine are free on the Epic Games Store until August 2. The next titles that will be free on the digital storefront are Alan Wake and For Honor.

There were questions about whether the Epic Games Store would pose a legitimate challenge to Steam, but almost immediately after launch, independent studios starting moving to Epic Games’ digital store over Valve’s due to the substantial difference in revenue sharing.

The Epic Games Store has attracted the likes of Borderlands 3, the PC version of which will be exclusive to the digital store. Another hit title to arrive in the Epic Games Store is Tetris Effect, which was formerly a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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