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Someone remade the battle of Helm's Deep in Fallout 4

FALLOUT 4 BATTLE #14 - Helm's Deep (Lord Of The Rings)
Fallout 4 battle videos have been kind of a “thing” since the game was released last November. Players, generally using the PC version where they can easily play input console commands, pit large numbers of AI characters against each other in increasingly massive battles. No matter the size and scope, however, every fight ultimately devolves into a muddled mish-mash melee of wasteland men and monsters. YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian, who had made more than a dozen battle videos, decided to change things up a bit by recreating a famous Helm’s Deep battle from the Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers as an in-game brawl between the Brotherhood of Steel and legions of super mutants.

One of our favorite games of 2015, Fallout 4 seems to have a penchant for inspiring creativity and curiosity in players. The game’s new settlement building mechanics have led to a slew of videos of players making massive fortresses and recreating famous buildings in the game. A reporter who dived into the game’s system files confirmed suspicions that certain locations were meant to house sections of the game that had to be cut from the final version. Back in reality, Make Magazine built a working version of the shishkebab, a makeshift flaming sword found in the last few Fallout games.

“As a Lord Of The Rings fan I had to make this,” Cosmic Contrarian said in a comment on the video. “I Experimented with several camera shots on this one, also did some first person shots too which I’ve not done for a while. This is also the first time I’ve actually had to build the entire battlefield, was fun and surprisingly easy to do despite how menacing Helm’s Deep seemed before building it.”

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