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Fallout Shelter gets spooky with Halloween update

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Hot on the heels of Bethesda’s recent major update for its mobile Fallout Shelter is a new Halloween-themed offering. The spooky version 1.21 update includes some new costumes and decorations. The fully upgraded, three-unit cafeteria, for example, is now a witch’s kitchen featuring a jack-o-lantern witch, coffin, broom, orange lamps, potions, bats, cupcakes, and bags full of trick-or-treats. The drinks dispenser is now orange as well, but we’re not sure what comes out of it. Something mixed in with eye of newt, no doubt.

Vault Dwellers may have trouble sleeping through the night. Upgraded barracks now have orange bed sheets and jack-o-lantern lamps. Ghost costumes replace Vault suits, and a ghost ceiling light illuminates the room, along with the skeleton in the corner. There is a cauldron full of treats, a painting of a haunted house, and the requisite bats and spiderwebs.

When you zoom in, the barracks and the cafeteria each offer their own eerie soundtracks.

Some players have reported that they received five lunchboxes with the update, which contained some costumes. A post on the official Fallout Twitter shows a ghost costume, with the poster stating that it came from a lunchbox that was rewarded for completing an objective. While we have not found costumes in any of our lunchboxes since the update, we understand that they are on the way.

Some of our explorers out in the Wasteland appear to have found some costumes. including a skeleton, pilgrim, and elf. These guys were on their way back before the update was even launched, so the costumes were added to their inventory upon their return. The Friday the 13th-inspired horror fan and greaser outfits have been around for a while, and though they were not part of this latest update, they really do fit in with the holiday spirit. We will try to get a bunch of people in the new costumes in one room for a party when they return.

Speaking of the Wastelands, it seems that Bethesda has removed the much-hated explorer limit cap. You can send out as many as you can handle. With this update, we also noticed far fewer Deathclaw attacks.

The previous update for Fallout Shelter included a hardcore survival mode, cloud save functionality, a new statistics page, the appearance of a “Mysterious Stranger,” and the addition of Piper, a character from the upcoming Fallout 4.  

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