Fast and Furious 7 to use Paul Walker’s scenes, character will be retired

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There’s some additional clarity now on how Fast and Furious 7 will treat scenes filmed by Paul Walker. The late actor shot roughly 50-percent of his part in the sequel before his tragic death at the end of 2013, and Universal has decided to use whatever footage it can to retire Walker’s character, Brian O’Connor (via The Hollywood Reporter).

According to the THR update, director James Wan, writer Chris Morgan, and Universal’s Jeffrey Kirschenbaum spent the weeks after Walker’s death looking at the footage. The trio came up with a plan to massage the story in a way that would allow for O’Connor to be written out, with the hope of giving fans of the increasingly continuity-heavy series a sense of closure.

The changes will require some addition scenes to be written and shot, but the recently confirmed April 10, 2015 release affords the filmmakers plenty of time to get the changes squared away.