A fan re-created a FF7 Remake battle scene using Dreams and it looks awesome

ff7 remake battle recreated in dreams 2

If you can’t wait to play Square Enix’s long-awaited JRPG Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Media Molecule has a temporary solution. The studio’s game Dreams gives players a platform with tools to make games, movies, music, paintings, and more. One such player has embraced the spirit of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and re-created a battle from the game using Dreams.

Twitter user Julian aka Figburn shared a clip that’s a little over a minute long and it features an impressively deep gameplay sequence playing out in Dreams. The clip is all combat and features Cloud, Tifa, and Barret facing off against the Air Buster boss. This a fight that will certainly be taking place in Final Fantasy 7 Remake at launch and was teased in the game’s release date trailer (two minute and fifty-two-second mark).

The FF7 Dreamake has an art style that lands somewhere between the low-poly visuals of the original game and the more realistic visuals seen in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The abilities are similar to the real deal and the creator even included an active-time bar that, once filled up, gives players access to special skills. Time doesn’t slow down to a crawl like in Remake when selecting those skills but having the ability to use Dreams to make something so detailed is impressive. You can even switch between the three characters to use their different standard weapons and abilities.

Julian shared in a subsequent tweet that the creator of this gameplay was sosetsuken5360. It’s called FFVII Dreamake if you’re participating in the early access for Dreams Creator and want to check it out yourself.

Media Molecule has established itself as a developer that channels the imaginations of its audience as far back as the studio’s debut with the first Little Big Planet in 2008. Dreams is a modern realization of the studio’s “Play, Create, Share” mantra and the developers are using its early access phase as a way to display the game’s potential.

Early access for Dreams started in April of this year and examples like this FF7 Dreamake really make it seem like the sky’s the limit with the creative tools. If Media Molecule can draw in even more creators, this could end up being a major hit for gamers on the PS4.

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