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FFXIV: Shadowbringers E5 raid guide: Learn to chase orbs again

After a bit of a snooze since Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers launched, we’re back on the raid guide game. Part Two of the Eden raid series is out, and this time, electricity is what we need.

Our fight against Ramuh back in the Sylphlands is an ideal choice. The conjuring trick is a bit of a mash between your own and Ryne’s imaginations. Old man Ramuh has a few more legs this time around, however. It can be a tricky fight, but once you hammer the gimmick into your mind, it actually becomes rather forgiving. We’ll explain the lot in the FFXIV E5 Normal guide.

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Phase 1 – Judgment Volts

FFXIV E5 Guide

Ramuh starts things off with Crippling Blow: a tank buster. Before long, he brings out Stratospear Summons, aptly dropping spears from the sky. He starts with two, but expect to see four of these at any one time later in the fight. Like a lightning rod, the short spear of the set is safe, so find it and position yourself as far from the others as you can. The resulting strike of Judgment Bolt is wide around the struck spears.

After this, you’ll notice a bunch of lightning orbs strewn across the arena. Here’s the gimmick. Walking into an orb gives you a stacking buff that protects against Ramuh’s lightning attacks (like Judgment Volts). You’ll want to have this buff on you at all times, so remember to grab another orb whenever something makes you lose it.

But before Judgment Volts is cast to slaughter anyone who lacks an orb stack, Stormcloud Summons targets two players. Both need to place the stormclouds away from the group (like in a corner or edge), rendering parts of the arena unsafe for a time. That placement will become important later.

Phase 2 – Fury’s Bolt and the Tribunal

FFXIV E5 Guide

Ramuh then buffs himself with Fury’s Bolt, turning his next cast into a “Divine” version instead. He’ll use this first to cast Divine Judgment Volts, which wants you to have an orb stack for protection unless you’re topped off and shielded.

Next up is Tribunal Summons, which brings a Ramuh clone to dash through the middle of the arena, pushing everyone back toward the sides. Just hug the side of the impact zone and you won’t fall off. Three more are then summoned on one side of the arena.

Use the patterns on the floor to hop into a safe lane. Hug whichever of the four corners then gets a safe Stratospear and grab another stack orb for the next buffed Judgment Volts.

Phase 3 – Do The Dance

FFXIV E5 Guide

Now it’s time to dance for a bit. Ramuh uses Thunderstorm – a barrage of lightning strikes all over the arena. He’ll then start to pepper you with just about every mechanic of the last few minutes, so get ready to place clouds in a location where they won’t become a hazard for clone pushbacks, gallops, thunderstorms, and everything else in between. Ramuh’s either angry or just a big showoff.

At this point, it’ll look like Ramuh is beginning the cycle anew. He’s not. He’ll summon only two Stratospheres, but you’ll have to strategically place Stormclouds away from the safe zone, buff up for Divine Judgment Volts, and prepare to get knocked back to a spot that’s not about to get trampled by a clone. Thankfully the stormclouds will be gone by this point, so it’s pretty hard to mess up.

After this, Ramuh will pretty much begin to repeat things. It’s just a matter of staying calm. He casts all of his major moves. Pay attention and you shouldn’t have many surprises out on the field. Orb buffs can help you survive almost anything. The real killer is being knocked off by a Ramuh clone.

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