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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin: All purple orb locations

For how different Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is from every other game in the franchise, it does still make an effort to appeal to JRPG fans, even if the gameplay is far more action-focused than some are used to. You still have magic, equipment (maybe too much equipment), levels, and a party of leads on a quest to defeat some big evil known as Chaos. On the other hand, this is a much more linear game structured around taking on bespoke missions in different locations rather than allowing you to explore a world. That might be cause for concern for some, especially those who assume Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin would be a short campaign and nothing else.

Fear not, because Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin actually does have plenty of side missions. In fact, aside from the normal extra missions you can do in previously completed levels, there are a total of seven secret side missions that you need to find hidden purple orbs in order to unlock and access. These side missions are known as Memory Mementos, which are described as the final thoughts of other fallen characters. Aside from the normal rewards you get for missions, these secret missions also promise to unlock new combat memories within you as well. Jack doesn’t have time to mess around while hunting down Chaos, so here’s a complete guide on where each purple orb is in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

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Bound by Crimson secret mission location

Jack fighting a tonberry.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Go to the Refrin Wetlands stage and proceed as normal until you interact with the second Weather Orb to change the weather to calm. Go forward a little more to a big tree that has a purple monster growing on it, which you’re intended to kill, causing the tree to fall and form a bridge for you to go forward. Instead, go right and drop down the cliff near the waterfall onto a hidden path lower down. This will lead you into a cave with the purple orb at the very end protected by a Tonberry.

Scarlet Memories: The Savior secret mission location

Jack looking down at a circular platform.
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Next, we go over to the Crystal Mirage stage during the mission A Familiar Place. This orb is near the end, so head through until you get to the Hall of the Brace: Ground floor, and make your way up the stairs leading to a stubby pillar. Instead of climbing all the way up to the top of the tower, though, stop at the second landing and go around to the right. Over the edge, you should see a platform you can fall down to. From here, keep dropping down from one section to the next until you get to the last one with the purple orb waiting for you on it.

Indigo Memories: The Humiliated secret mission location

Jack breaking some vines.
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In the Wicked Arbor Memories of Poison mission, again we have to trudge through almost the entire stage to get to this orb. Fight your way through until you hit the Cave of Dying Light, right before the last set of Cubes in the big cave. Kill all the enemies inside and head to the back where you will see a bunch of vines, but a keen eye will spot a small opening in the ground you can fall into. Go through and kill the flower at the end to make the vines weaken back at the start so you can backtrack and smash through them. The orb is right inside for you.

Indigo Memories: The Deceived secret mission location

Jack looking down at a path near lava.
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During the Memories of Fire in Mount Gulg, run through until you reach the Path of Destiny section where you have to play Indiana Jones as an enemy pushes a boulder down at you. Get out of the way and head up the path it rolled down. From here you can actually spot the orb from the fork in the road. Go toward the chest, but right before it look over the left side of the path for an area you can drop down. Hop down and just follow the trail to your next purple orb.

Indigo Memories: The Stabbed secret mission location

You need to be on your toes right at the start of the Terra Tortura level. You’re given three options for how to proceed, but the gate we need is the one farthest to the left. Keep going, avoiding traps, until you cross your second small bridge. This area is full of pits you can fall down, or not, but we’re looking for one very specific hole to fall into. Thankfully you can actually see the purple orb before falling into any, so just check each one carefully and head down the one you see it inside to collect.

Azure Memories: The Stymied secret mission location

Jack smashing a breakable wall.
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Inside the Cavern of Earth, during Memories of Earth, you will come to a big purple hallway before a Cube section. There’s an alternate door you can take on the right. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you trigger a trap that causes the walls to start closing in on you. Ignore any enemies and just make a run for it, leading into yet another trap room. Keep running from trap to trap until you finally exit into a more normal area with a staircase dead ahead. Ignore that and smash through a breakable wall on the left of the room. This sneaky orb is right behind the rubble.

Coral Memories: The Greedy secret mission location

Don’t feel greedy going after this orb in the Ruins of Machina since it is probably the least difficult to find in all of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. Go on as normal until you reach the green area on the bridge with the giant cannon on it. It’s right near a rest station. For safety, turn the cannon off first. After that, go into the middle of the room toward a conspicuous pile of rocks. The final purple orb is hidden right on the other side.

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