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How to get Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy 16

final fantasy 16 story trailer kingdom with a mother crystal behind it
Square Enix

After beating the main game, most Final Fantasy titles include extra challenges for the dedicated players to seek out and take on that are far more difficult than the main story. These can include things like super bosses, extra dungeons, and hunting down the most powerful weapons. In Final Fantasy 16, Clive's Ultima Weapon is hidden in a way never seen before in the franchise. If you don't know the proper requirements to get it, no amount of searching or grinding will lead you to this legendary blade. If you want to overpower everything in the game, here's how to get the Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy 16.



What You Need

  • Beat the game and start Final Fantasy New Game +

  • Gotterdammerung Reforged

  • Utterance of Creation

  • Everdark Reforged

Clive not having the materials to make Ultima Weapon.
Square Enix

How to get Ultima Weapon

Like most other weapons in Final Fantasy 16, you will need to forge Ultima Weapon yourself, but you won't find this available at the blacksmith during your initial playthrough.

Step 1: Beat the game on any difficulty and start a new game in Final Fantasy mode in New Game +.

Step 2: You will automatically obtain the Utterance of Creation item upon starting the game in this mode.

Step 3: Play through the game and do all the steps necessary to make the Gotterdammerung Reforged. This is exactly the same as making the sword in the normal game.

Step 4: Defeat the Barnabas boss during "The Last King" story mission to unlock the Flawless Dark Shard and use it (along with the other needed materials) to create the Everdark Reforged.

Step 5: Take all of these things to the blacksmith to craft the Ultima Weapon.

The Ultima Weapon has nearly double the stats of the Gotterdammerung, with 700 attack and stagger stats.

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Sheet music, thankfully, isn't hidden away in chests or has to be purchased for crazy amounts of Gil, but a few do have some hidden requirements. Each new composition is found on a piano in the world and is free to snag once you sit down. Even if you don't feel like playing right then and there, make sure you always at least grab the music to add to your collection so you don't have to backtrack later and get it. There are eight in total to find, and some will only come later in the story, but none are missable once you open up fast travel back to previous areas. This is the natural order you can collect them.
On Our Way
Our first piece of music can be picked up once you hit Chapter 4. During this section, go to the Crow's Nest town in the Junon region, which you can only enter by doing the "When Words Won't Do" side quest. Once you complete this quest and can freely enter the town, hit up the bar and grab this tune.
Tifa's Theme
After a rather exciting cruise to Costa del Sol in Chapter 6, you can add this piece to your collection by making a quick stop at the fancy Royal Crown Hotel.
Barret's Theme
Not much further into the game in Chapter 7 you will visit Barret's old hometown of Corel. The Rock Bottom Bar is waiting with his song.
Cinco de Chocobo
Chapter 9 takes you through the town of Gongaga. Even a town way out in the forest has a piano, which means yet another song to snag.
Two Legs? Nothin' to it
One chapter later, in Chapter 10, you need to do a little exploring in Cosmo Canyon to find your way to the piano, but the icon on your map won't lead you astray.
Aerith's Theme
Perhaps the most iconic song in the entire game, if not the franchise, is hidden behind a completely optional side quest. Once you reach Chapter 11, return to Nibelheim and do the "White-Haired Angel" side quest. It may seem totally irrelevant, but the quest ends with you playing and collecting this song.
Let the Battles Begin!
Once you prove your skills and get an A rank or better on all prior songs, you will get this new one as a reward from the NPC Dorian next to all pianos.
One-Winged Angel
We're not sure if fighting Sephiroth or getting this song is harder. If you want to play this terrifying arrangement, you need to donate all 88 Treasure Trove items to Johnny. This more or less requires you to 100% the entire game
All song rewards
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When Words Won’t Do is actually a story about parents struggling to let go of their kids. Under Junon’s mayor sends players on this quest to help her son and unborn grandchild, and Barrett wonders if he’ll ever be able to let Marlene go during the mission. That’s thematically fitting for an escort mission where you can’t keep something out of your sight.

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