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How to get Gotterdammerung in Final Fantasy 16

Finding new, and upgrading existing, weapons is almost a universal mechanic in all JRPGs. While Final Fantasy 16 is lighter on those mechanics, and only allows you to control a single character as opposed to an entire party, there are still plenty of weapons to equip for better stats. Most weapons that you unlock as you progress are simply better than the ones you had prior, but there's one that stands above the rest as the absolute best in the game ... at least until New Game +. The Gotterdammerung is as hard to get as it is to pronounce, meaning you'll need a bit of guidance. Here's how to unlock the most powerful sword in Final Fantasy 16.



What You Need

  • Ragnarok

  • Primitive Battlehorn

  • 3 Orichalcum

  • 2 Darksteel

  • Complete the Back to Their Origin main quest

A blacksmith showing what you need to make Gotterdammerung.
Square Enix

How to get the Gotterdammerung

If you want to get your hands on the Gotterdammerung, you'll need to put in some work. Once you get your hands on it and feel the power, it will all be worth it when cleaning up any final tasks like the Chronolith Trials.

Step 1: Get the Ragnarok sword.

This will be the base sword you upgrade into the Gotterdammerung. Getting this is also not an easy task. To get it you need to finish a series of four sidequests: Blacksmith's Blues I - IV.

This is the only way to get this sword, so if you made the mistake of selling it, you'll lock yourself out of getting the Gotterdammerung.

Step 2: Your first raw material to get is the Primitive Battlehorn. This will be a drop from an A-rank bounty you need to take from the Hunt Board. The monster you're going for is called Gobermouch, located in Waloed. You will find the beast to the south of The Maudlin Mason. Slay it and collect your reward of some Gil, Renown, and the Primitive Battlehorn.

Step 3: Next up is the series' staple: Orichalcum. You'll need three in total for the Gotterdammerung, and are dropped by Notorious Marks. The ones you should look for specifically are "The Breaker of Worlds," "The Tricephalic Terror," and "The Masterless Marauder."

There are also two additional sidequests that give you Orichalcum. These are the "Duty Undying II" and "Under New Management II" quests, so you do have a small amount of wiggle room on how you get the three needed.

Step 4: Finally, we need to grab two pieces of Darksteel. Again, Notorious Marks are going to be your source for this material.

Look for the "Usher to the Underworld," "The Grim Reaper," or the "Prince of Death" hunts. All three of these are A-ranked bounties, which will pose a challenge, but not the worst. You can find them on the Gilded Path to Kretov, Cape Orsiere, and the Royal Meadows in Sanbreque respectively. Note that some of these hunts, as well as those for Orichalcum, may not spawn until you've reached certain points in the main story or completed specific sidequests. So long as you've at least reached the "Back to Their Origin" main quest, there should be no barriers left outside of sidequests.

Step 5: Travel to the Blacksmith in your base to craft the powerful Gotterdammerung!

The Gotterdammerung has the best stats of any sword in the base game. It deals 375 damage and 375 stun.

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