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Final Fantasy is being turned into a VR roller-coaster ride in Japan

final fantasy vr roller coaster news xr
Universal Studios Japan
Final Fantasy‘s graphics over the years has always made it feel more realistic than just playing another game, and now that realism will be upped to another level. Universal Studios Japan will debut a virtual reality roller-coaster ride based on the legendary role-playing game franchise in 2018.

The ride will be called Final Fantasy XR, and will have people accelerating, dipping, turning, and rising through the Final Fantasy worlds fans have loved for decades. The ride’s movements will be synchronized with the visuals coming across in VR headsets that the riders will be wearing. A few of the legendary franchise’s most popular characters are coming along for the ride, including Final Fantasy VII‘s Sephiroth and Cloud.

The monster battles and fights you see as you ride through the worlds will be created by Visual Works, Square Enix’s FX studio that has worked on numerous Final Fantasy titles, including Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XIII, and Final Fantasy XIV. Long-time character designer Yoshitaka Amano also created an original logo for the Final Fantasy XR ride.

If you can make it out to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, you will be able to experience the ride for cheap. Although prices vary depending on the day you choose to go, you can get a pass for this ride for as little as a 3,500 yen, which is roughly $31. For less than two tickets to see Star WarsThe Last Jedi on an IMAX screen, you can see Sephiroth and Cloud doing aerial acrobatics right in your face.

The Final Fantasy XR ride will only be around for a limited time between January 19 and June 24, as part of Universal Studios Japan’s Cool Japan 2018. The five-month initiative will feature other video game-inspired attractions such as a Detective Conan: The Escape live mystery game, a Monster Hunter walkthrough exhibit, and an upcoming Sailor Moon 4D experience.

Tickets to Cool Japan 2018including passes for the Final Fantasy XR ride, are available here. Time to drop the controller, hop on a plane, and strap into the world of Final Fantasy like you’ve never done before.

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