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A Lightwarden fell down Malikah’s Well? Here’s another FFXIV: Shadowbringers dungeon guide

Well, the trolley is totaled. Never forget the trolley. May it rest in pieces.

Having spent countless hours digging around Ahm Araeng and going through some pretty touching moments with your friends, it’s finally time to get back to work. A Lightwarden fell down the well and it’s up to you to… violently butcher it. As ever, we’ll be skipping over the relatively meaningless trash pulls and talking solely of boss strats. Here’s your FFXIV: Shadowbringers Malikah’s Well dungeon guide.

Greater Armadillo

Where we usually start by detailing a boss’s AOE, Greater Armadillo is basically nothing more than these area attacks. Don’t get too comfortable in any one place, as he’s sure to make you move in a second or two. There are add phases, but this is only to give the tank something to pick up. Just gun them all down.

There’s little more to watch out for than the very clear area attacks. Stack markers, drop locations, earthquakes, and falling rocks. There are lots of moving parts here. The one thing you need to watch for is Right Round — a circular spin from the boss itself. This happens right after a stack marker, so you’ll want to spread out before the armadillo finishes you off.

Amphibious Talos

Another Talos without a master, this one is ready to smackdown. Similar to Greater Armadillo, it’s really into its area attacks. Efface is the tank buster here.

Soon after engaging, Talos will waddle to the middle of the area and strike with Wellbore. Stand on the outer edges to avoid it. This then causes four geysers to appear from the equal number of AOEs left behind. Talos follows this up with an area-wide knockback, so position yourself to avoid the geysers. Lastly, with the water jets still in the way, Talos uses Swift Spill, rotating while firing off jets from its beams. Watch its starting position and rotation direction and just run around it. And that’s about it!


Hiding exactly where Ryne sense, Storge isn’t happy to see you. This holy horror show loves its laser beams. Intestinal Crank (ew) is your raid-wide.

Thankfully, Storge reveals it hand too soon, teaching you its laser tricks before hurling out five in quick succession. Heretic’s Fork fires out large lasers in each cardinal direction at the end of the cast. This comes from the boss the first two times, but later spreads to the 5 wings dropped by Crystal Nail one by one, so you’ll have to move around the battlefield as each resolves, paying close attention to which will blow next.

It’s a similar story with Breaking Wheel. This area-wide laser can only be dodged by standing under the boss. Again, this spreads to the Crystal Nails later in the fight, requiring you to hop from one to the next as they blow. Outside of that, healers just need to prepare to heal through plenty of Intestinal Cranks. Especially toward the end.

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