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Final Fantasy XV alternate ending revealed in concept art for canceled DLCs

Concept art for the cancelled DLCs of Final Fantasy XV revealed a plan to release an alternate ending for Prince Noctis and Lady Lunafreya.

Needless to say, this article will contain major spoilers to the story of Final Fantasy XV. Players who are still playing the game may want to come back after completing the RPG.

Last year, Square Enix said that four more DLCs were in development for Final Fantasy XV. However, only Episode Ardyn pushed through, as Episode Aranea, Episode Luna, and Episode Noctis were canceled. Around that time, director Hajime Tabata parted ways with Square Enix to form a new studio and take on a new challenge.

One of the special editions of Final Fantasy XV – The Dawn of the Future, a novel that is now available in Japan, contains concept art for the cancelled DLCs, as tweeted by FFplanet. The images give a glimpse of what Square Enix had in the works.

Few pieces of concept art from FFXV -The Dawn of Future- Artbook

1. Luna from Episode Luna. The Draconian recovered her body with power of daemon and revived her to fulfill the new mission. She has the power of daemon like Ardyn.

— BoN (@FFplanet) April 26, 2019

Luna, who was killed by Ardyn in the main story, would have been resurrected by Bahamut, The Draconian in Episode Luna. Players would have been able to play as her, and wield her newfound daemon powers similar to Ardyn’s.

In Episode Noctis, players would have gone against Bahamut in a final battle, with a party consisting of Noctis, Luna, Ardyn, and fan favorite Aranea Highwind.

After the defeat of Bahamut, Luna are revived through the powers of Gentiana/Shiva. Meanwhile, Ardyn, who may have perished in the battle, would be given a proper funeral as the Founder King of Lucis, instead of his brother Somnus.

The story ends with Noctis and Luna standing behind Ardyn’s coffin, followed by an image of the couple with their two children.

Final Fantasy XV ended with both Noctis and Luna sacrificing themselves for the greater good, but with the non-canon ending in Episode Ignis which saw the world saved without any sacrifices, there appears to be a notion within Square Enix for a happier ending to the game.

Unfortunately, that happier ending for Noctis and Luna will never happen, now only remembered through concept art for the cancelled DLCs.

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