Firefall gameplay footage unveiled at PAX 2010

firefall gameplay footage unveiled at pax 2010

Red 5 Studios released over ten minutes of gameplay footage from its upcoming shooter titled, Firefall. The title, which is still under development, is created in part by the lead designers of World of Warcraft and Tribes. The story is based in the future and revolves around a battle for a clean energy source know as Crystite. Check out the official website to sign up for the beta version of the game. Firefall is expected to be released by the end of 2011.

From the Firefall website:

“Earth will never be the same. After the Crystite Wars, humanity inadvertently invited the worst enemy ever conceived: The Melding. It surrounds us. It forces us to live in pockets of land protected only by the accidental discovery of repulsor technology. We continue to fight for land. For technology. For power. For our very survival. Join the fight.”