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Fortnite season 5 week 2 challenge guide: Where to find car parts

The way challenges work in Fortnite season 5 is a little bit different than before. Each challenge is part of a set with multiple stages. Some of them have prerequisites that must be completed before you can move on, much like the XP Xtravaganza from season 4. This week’s new batch of challenges are live, and one of the more cryptic ones requires you to find three car parts — which of course, are not marked on the map. This is part of the Burnout set of challenges, which are vehicle-related.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all three car parts, along with their specific locations on the map. Here’s where to find car parts in Fortnite.

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First car part

Image used with permission by copyright holder
Image used with permission by copyright holder

We’ve got all three car parts listed in a specific order here, but keep in mind, you can collect them in whichever order you please. Nonetheless, the first one we found is located in the junkyard to the east of the center of the map. It’s found directly east of Colossal Coliseum, next to a bridge. The car part itself is found on the ground on the west side of the junkyard, right next to a rusted fixture. Simply press and hold Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox, or Y on Nintendo Switch to interact with it.

Second car part

Image used with permission by copyright holder
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The next car part is in the same junkyard, but this time is found to the north of the previous one on the ground. It’s found by the fence, right next to a pile of smashed cars.

Third car part

Image used with permission by copyright holder
Image used with permission by copyright holder

For the final one, you’ll need to leave the junkyard and head to the east, all the way to Dirty Docks. It’s found in a large open container on the west side of this area on the ground level. It’s sort of hidden a bit, so make sure the area is clear before searching for it. As with most challenges, you don’t need to find all three parts in one match, though it’s recommended to do so since they’re so close to one another and can easily be collected in a matter of minutes. If you do only get some of them, you can grab whichever one(s) remain in a separate match.

Once you’ve grabbed all three, you’ll complete the challenge, unlock stage two of this particular set, and earn 20,000 XP for your troubles. Remember, each set of challenges has multiple stages that must be completed in order to unlock the next one. You must back out to the main menu to start working on the next stage of each challenge set. The next stage requires you to deliver a vehicle from Steamy Stacks to Pleasant Park.

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