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Fortnite Razor Crest location: Where to find beskar the Beskar Ingot

Fortnite’s season 5 has just gone live, marking the departure of its Marvel theme. Now, season 5 focuses on Star Wars — particularly The Mandalorian and most importantly, Baby Yoda (aka Grogu, but who really wants to call him that?). Since it’s the start of a new season, you’ll find map alterations and new challenges to complete, plus a slew of rewards. Kicking things off is a task for visiting the Razor Crest, which is The Mandalorian’s ship.

As is typical, the game doesn’t tell you where the ship is located, but we’ve got all the details on where to find it. Here’s where to find the Razor Crest in Fortnite.

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Razor Crest location

The Razor Crest is located to the south of a new location called Colossal Coliseum. This spot is found to the west of Dirty Docks, and when you first boot up the game after the update, the map will be grayed out. Look for the giant rift in the center of the map and you’ll see the ship to the east of it. To find it, load up a match of your choice — Solos, Duos, Trios, Squads, or Team Rumble — and head directly to the location indicated above. Upon landing at the Razor Crest, you’ll gain credit for completing the challenge.

Check out the video below to see the process in action. It’s a fairly simple challenge that will take you only a minute or so to complete.

Reward for visiting Razor Crest

The main reason to finish this challenge, aside from how cool it is to see Mando’s ship, is to earn the Mandalorian Right Shoulder (Beskar) style. There will be more styles to unlock as the season progresses. If you take a look at the Right Shoulder’s description, it hints at what’s to come. “Part of The Mandalorian set,” it reads, indicating that you’ll eventually be able to earn a full set later on.

Make sure to equip the Right Shoulder (Beskar) as soon as you get back to the main menu. If you forget to do that, just head into your Locker from the main menu and select your outfit (The Mandalorian). Press Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox, or Y on Nintendo Switch to Edit Style. Here, you’ll see all the style options for The Mandalorian. Since the season just started, you’ll have limited style options, but you can get a sneak peek at what the full Beskar outfit looks like from this menu. If it’s anything like previous seasons, there will be more than just one additional outfit to unlock as the season progresses.

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