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Fortnite is getting a graphics update with Chapter 2 Season 7 launch

Fortnite’s upcoming Chapter 2 – Season 7 v17.00 update isn’t just bringing new features to the game. The Fortnite team announced that this new update will upgrade the visuals of the game for machines that meet the update’s system requirements.

Fortnite is a battle royale that most people are aware of by now. It has been through various versions after many updates and it seems that Season 7 is introducing one of the biggest yet.

In a blog post that details the upcoming visual changes, developer Epic confirmed that it would present players with enhanced effects, improved postprocessing features, and shadow quality. The blog goes into detail bringing up how explosion, fire, and slurp effects would be “cooler-looking” thanks to the bump in visuals.

These upgrades mean that the settings of the “Epic” graphical mode will require higher performance power in order to run optimally, with the “High” settings becoming the pre-v17.00 Epic settings. For those that play Fortnite on low and medium settings, those modes will remain the same with the release of the v17.00 update.

Epic Game confirmed that this new Season 7 update would be rolling out on Tuesday, June 8. The theme of this new season is teased to be an alien invasion. A promo video featuring the ominous words ‘They’re Coming’ currently appears on the Fortnite website.

Many teases for this alien invasion theme have popped up in the game itself as of late. Some Easter eggs have been placed throughout maps, with some players even being abducted by aliens at random locations.

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