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Fortnite is getting a Star-Lord character skin and Dance Off emote

Fortnite Avengers crossover Marvel Skin Set 2 Starlord release date

Fortnite players have been enjoying an exciting crossover with Avengers: Endgame where they get the use the weapons of a few superheroes to take on the Mad Titan Thanos’ army of aliens. Courtesy of a leak, it looks like one of the Avengers-adjacent characters is coming into the game via a character skin. Star-Lord, the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, is coming to the Fortnite item shop and joins the already-revealed Black Widow set.

Epic Games’ initial tease for a new Marvel skin set didn’t reveal the specific character it would be for, but Fortnite Insider reports that the discovery was unearthed via data mining. The full collection will feature the Dance Off emote, Guardian Axe, and the Star-Lord Back Bling in addition to the Star-Lord outfit.

Star-Lord joins the previous Marvel Skin Set, which includes the Black Widow skin, Widow’s Bite pickaxe, and the Pirouette emote. Both of these are supplementary celebrations of Disney and Marvel’s massive Avengers: Endgame, which is a three-hour culmination of Marvel Cinematic Universe events spread across 11 years and 22 films.

That celebration is led by the Fortnite Endgame limited-time mode (LTM), where players can get ahold of Hawkeye’s bow, Captain America’s shield, Thor’s ax Stormbreaker, and Iron Man’s repulsor gloves. The previous LTM crossover with Marvel’s superheroes allowed Fortnite players to pick up the Infinity Gauntlet so they could transform into Thanos and sew chaos across the battle royale map. The collaboration between Epic Games and Marvel is a meeting of superpowers as well, with Fortnite being the most popular video game on the market and Avengers: Endgame speeding toward multiple box office records. The movie has already broken the opening night record set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens and has Avatar, the highest-grossing movie of all time, in its sights.

The image above is the only piece of the Fortnite‘s Marvel Skin Set 2 revealed thus far and it was taken from a promotion in China. Star-Lord has gone on a couple of adventures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, planet-hopping with his ragtag group of Guardians. He also most recently had a controversial moment in Avengers: Infinity War.

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