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Wings on the bus: ‘Fortnite’ Battle Bus now sends you to your death even faster

Playing a round of Fortnite but have somewhere you need to be in 30 minutes? With a recent update to the game, you’ll be able to drop to your favorite spot in a hurry. It also means you can get killed by a better player even faster than you could before.

The Battle Bus that drops players onto the map at the beginning of a Fortnite match has been tweaked to go 25 percent faster than before.

Despite the increased speed, one Twitter user was quick to point out to Epic Games that the bus would never be faster than the titular vehicle in The Magic School Bus. It’s probably also not capable of shrinking down and exploring someone’s circulatory system, but maybe that feature could arrive in another update.

The recent 6.10 update added a vehicle called the “Quadcrasher,” which players are enjoying speeding around the map. File names contained in the update hint at a number of upcoming costumes, as well. The skins include “Arachne,” who looks like Widowmaker from Overwatch combined with a DC Villain, as well as Spider Knight, who looks like a Destiny 2 enemy.

Other skins are a little less imposing, including a footie pajamas outfit called Onesie. The new pickaxes look to be pretty terrifying, however, particularly the sharp Moonrise and the Web Breaker. The Spider Shield is also sure to give those with arachnophobia nightmares, so we’d suggest running away from enemies you see using it.

Fortnite has been on something of a roll with its updates lately. We’ve gotten spooky scarecrow skins for players to use as they get into the Halloween spirit, and another update even gave players a dog, chameleon, or dragon companion to take with them during a match. This is in addition to lore changes that keep the most dedicated players engaged on a weekly basis.

Fortnite is going to face some stiff competition across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, however, as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 just launched with its battle royale mode, called “Blackout.” It’s more similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds than it is to Fortnite, but the level of polish Treyarch gave the mode is very impressive. Of course, Fortnite continues to be the most-played game in the world, so Epic Games shouldn’t be too concerned about the situation.

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