Free Games At Real Networks

We all know that the casual gaming market is booming, and Real Networks is eager to expand its share. So it’s now offering customers a free download of a full version of a different game each day as part of a larger site re-design that includes a new pricing structure.

John Barbour, the new president of the Games Division at Real, said:

"Today’s customers are dramatically more value conscious, and we’ve seen a growing demand for top-quality games at great prices. This new value pricing gives existing customers more ways to enjoy popular games, while providing an even better experience to attract a broader audience."

In addition to the free games, Real will also offer Gamehouse Club, where member will pay less for games as well as receive early access to the free games, and the FunPass subscription, which allows users to play every game on the site.

According to research, 85% of RealNetworks’ North American gaming portal customers are female, with 73% between the ages of 30 and 60.