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Fuser’s new update adds a 24/7 Twitch channel that anyone can DJ on

Fuser just got a huge new update that brings Twitch integration to the game. The new Headliners update allows players to DJ on a stage that will stream on a 24/7 Twitch channel.

Released in 2020, Fuser is the latest music game from Guitar Hero developer Harmonix. The game has received frequent updates since then and built out a niche community largely through streaming platforms. The free Headliners update, which is available to download now, builds off of that success with a more direct Twitch connection.

The update adds a new Diamond stage, which is a public area where anyone can DJ. Players can book a spot on the stage and play to over 250 viewers in game. The Diamond stage is hooked up to an official Twitch channel that will run 24/7. Twitch drops have also been enabled as part of the update, giving players a chance to get content by watching streams.

Players book a spot on the stage with a new in-game currency: Diamonds. These are not bought with real money; they are collected normally by playing the game and can be used to bid on a time slot on the Diamond Stage. They can be used to purchase new cosmetics and songs as well. Harmonix says that it’s adding more in-house music, as well as “friends and family” songs to the diamond shop. The developer says it’ll feature some old songs from Guitar Hero and Dropmix.

The Headliners update brings some quality of life changes to its social features and DJ profiles as well. The game recently received a price drop and is available for $40 on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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