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Minecraft’s ‘wild’ new update lands on June 7

Minecraft’s latest in its long line of updates, The Wild Update, is slated to release on June 7.

The best-selling game of all time is showing no signs of slowing down as developer Mojang Studios continues to add more and more content to this already endless sandbox hit. This latest update, which will bring the game up to version 1.19, adds new biomes, mobs, and gameplay features. It’ll launch simultaneously for all players across Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC, and mobile platforms.

A minecraft character near a swamp and cave.
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Seasoned Minecraft players will find two new overworld biomes in the Wild Update: The Deep Dark and the Mangrove Swamp. The former can be found by mining far below the surface and is said to be located by the terrible cries of a shrieker that will call upon mobs to face you down. The Mangrove Swamp, on the other hand, exists on the surface and is full of massive mangrove trees you can mine for a new type of wood.

The new mobs include the aforementioned shrieker, warden, allay, and frogs. The latter two are friendly, the allay being one that the community voted on including during Minecraft Live in 2021, while the former are lurking in the Deep Dark, waiting to attack.

While not quite as expansive as the previous update, Caves and Cliffs, The Wild Update seems like it’ll give fans enough reasons to jump back in for another adventure. The Deep Dark biome is the standout here, featuring new mobs to face, the sculk block that activates based on vibrations, and even the possibility to find new ancient structures. Between those and the shriekers, sound will be a key component in surviving this new biome.

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