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PS5’s first major system update adds USB hard drive support, new social features

The PlayStation 5‘s first major system update is coming. The update allows players to store PS5 games on an external hard drive and adds new social features to the console.

Sony launched the PS5 in November and has only released smaller system tweaks since then. The company is calling the upcoming update the console’s first “major” update. It’s set to roll out globally on Wednesday, April 14.

The update allows players to store their PS5 games onto a USB external hard drive, though there’s a catch. PS5 games can’t be played off a hard drive due to the system’s ultra-high-speed SSD. Games can’t be downloaded directly from the PlayStation Store to a drive either. Games that are transferred back to the console from a drive will automatically update. Sony reaffirms that M.2 drive support is still in the works.

The update brings new social features, including cross-generation share play, to the system. That allows PS5 players to share their screen with PS4 players while in chat. PS4 and PS5 players will now be able to more easily join each other’s game sessions with an added “Request to Join” option.

The console has several new customization options, which allow players to adjust audio in game chat, enable “pre-download” for game updates, and adjust screen zoom. The console’s game base feature will be tweaked to allow players to more easily switch between their friends and party lists.

To go alongside the system update, Sony will update the PlayStation app in the coming weeks. The update will allow players to join multiplayer games, manage console storage, and more from the app.

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