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The best external hard drives for the PS5

If you’re working on upgrading to the latest console generation, you’ll need speedy SSD storage to go along with it! The PS5 has about 667GB of usable onboard storage for games and other content — and if you’re a fan of downloading straight to your PlayStation, that’s going to go by really fast for your PS5 games, which currently require internal storage. For your PS4 games and other content, you’ll probably need an external solution, even more so if you have the Digital version.

Unlike the Xbox Series X, the PS5 doesn’t have any dedicated slots for specialized SSD drive: That means that most SSDs will work with it, but you will still want the fastest, most durable models with the right capacity…and that’s what we’re here for! Let’s take a look at your best options, starting with the stylish Samsung T7 (plus an HDD model for those who want to save some money).

Samsung T7 Touch SSD 2TB

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Samsung’s T7 Touch looks incredible for a storage drive, and you can proudly display it alongside your PS5 — or grab it for a quick file transfer on the go, since it’s designed to be portable and shock-resistant. That LED light on the front is a handy status indicator that shows you how the SSD is operating at a glance so you watch for any problems and get confirmation about when it’s passing along data. Plus, thanks to the NVMe standard upgrade, it’s fast: Read/Write speeds are up to 1,050MBs/1,000MBs via USB-C, one of the fastest options you’re going to find for an external SSD (the PS5 does appear to support NVMe and it’s a nice upgrade to have, although PS4 games may show limited improvement). If you are interested in security, you can also set up fingerprint and password protection for other devices, and manage storage with an Android app.

The only real downside to this SSD is that it only goes up to 2TB in its compact form. That’s fine for casual players, but if you manage a large downloaded game library, you’ll probably want more space. That brings us to….

VectoTech Rapid SSD 4TB

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This is another SSD that can connect via the PS5’s USB-C port for better transfer speeds, and it sports a reliable 1050 grade aluminum casing for durability and heat dissipation. It’s designed to be portable and work with just about anything, and the extra-large storage capacity is ideal for those holding huge PS4 libraries that they want to be able to access (or doubling as a backup SSD for your PC, for example). The drive is also made to be compatible with Mac, PC, iPads, Androids, and gaming consoles without the need to reformat out of the box, and includes a USB-C to A adapter cable if necessary (although this will lower your data speeds).

However, a USB-C compatible, 4TB SSD is a high-end option that will quite literally cost more than the PS5 itself, so check your wallet before you choose to buy. Fortunately, it is available in smaller sizes if you don’t have a massive game library.

Netac SSD 500GB

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Netac’s game-friendly SSD also offers a USB-C connection that can achieve read speeds up to 500MB/s, enough to handle your high-resolution gameplay without a problem. Similar to our other durable picks, its casing is made of aluminum alloy to help resist damage. It’s also tiny enough to fit in your pocket for easy transport and can easily be hidden on a shelf if you don’t want any clutter around your beautiful PS5. We chose the 500GB option here for a more affordable option for those who want an SSD solution under $100 — but of course, it can’t hold as many games, either.

SanDisk Extreme SSD 1TB

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Like our first T7 Touch pick from Samsung, SanDisk offers the latest formatting and components to massively boost SSD transfer speeds with NVMe, getting up to 1,050MBs reading speeds and up to 1,000MBs writing speeds with compatible devices. We also like the design, with a hole for a beltloop/keychain and a silicon shell that adds dust and water resistance – although these may be lesser concerns if you plan on keeping the drive stationary. The Extreme does go up to 2TB, although we like the nice, rounded option of 1TB here.

Seagate Firecuda SSD 2TB

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The Firecuda (you know, like barracuda), is an extra-stylish SSD with a customizable LED indicator line to let you know about status while also looking amazing on your shelf. The USB-C and NVMe standard are also doing work here to ensure the fastest 1,050MBs/1,000MBs speeds for compatible content, and the storage is designed specifically for games. The square-edged design isn’t quite as portable as other options, but again this may not be a concern if you’ll be leaving it by the PS5. While the SSD does go up to 4TB, it’s already expensive enough with the added bells and whistles at 2TB.

WD Black P10 HDD 5TB

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Why would anyone choose an HDD in these modern days of zippy-fast SSDs? Well, for one thing, they’re a whole lot cheaper, which makes them a great option for saving money while storing your PS5 games, especially if you aren’t sure how many of them you may play again but still want to allow for the possibility. This model, for example, provides 5TB of storage (that’s enough for about 125 36GB games) for around the price of a 500GB SSD. Western Digital has also designed this model specifically for game consoles and added durability if you want to tote it around — although it won’t be quite as durable as an SSD by nature.

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