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Genshin Impact was the most-tweeted-about game in 2021

A flood of gaming news came out last year, but it was Genshin Impact that ended up being the most-tweeted-about game of 2021, according to a year-end report from social media giant Twitter. The wrap-up also includes stats on the esports teams, events, and creators that dominated conversations on the platform last year.

The list of games that people tweeted about over the course of 2021 is a diverse mix of titles. There’s the usual AAA franchises like Apex Legends, Final Fantasy, and Animal Crossing, which hold the second, fourth, and sixth spots respectively, along with a mix of Japanese mobile games. Idol training mobile title Ensemble Stars! was the second-most-talked-about game on Twitter, while Knives Out was the seventh.

Genshin Impact may retain its popularity in 2022 as the massive title moves onto Nvidia’s game streaming platform, GeForce Now.

The number of Japanese games showing up on Twitter’s 2021 gaming wrap-up shouldn’t be a surprise. According to the social media company, more tweets about gaming come from Japan than anywhere else in the world, with America taking the second spot and Korea following in third.

As for gaming events, despite its online-only format, E3 still managed to be the most-tweeted-about gaming show last year. It beat out two of Geoff Keighley’s competing events, Summer Games Fest and the Game Awards. The Entertainment Software Association recently announced that E3 will not be in-person again this year, throwing into question which companies will have presentations at the event, or whether it will happen at all.

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