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Genshin Impact studio shows off two stylish new games at Summer Game Fest

HoYoverse, the Chinese game development studio that brought us Genshin Impact, has shown off a double feature of trailers for two new stylish games at Summer Game Fest: Honkai: Star Rail and Zenless Zone Zero.

Summer Game Fest: HoYoverse Honkai: Star Rail World Premiere Trailer

The fourth installment in the Honkai series, Honkai: Star Rail is a space RPG that takes players aboard the titular interstellar train to an exotic realm. They will play in teams of up to four characters as they travel to various new worlds and fight against intergalactic monsters.

A second closed beta for Honki: Star Rail was announced back in April, and there haven’t been any further updates about the game other than the stunning new trailer, which you can check out above.

Zenless Zone Zero is a new IP that’s just as futuristic as Honkai: Star Rail, only the characters are grounded in a post-apocalyptic Earth. This game takes place in the near future, where dangerous and mysterious calamities called the Hollows have laid waste to the old civilization and rendered every city unable to fight back against them — except for New Eridu.

Summer Game Fest: HoYoverse Zenless Zone Zero World Premiere Trailer

Players control a character known as a Proxy, who fights alongside the citizens of New Eridu, each of which have different beliefs and reasons for wanting to eliminate the Hollows and bring the world back to its former glory. Some characters carry swords, while others have guns, bazookas, and even robotic thruster legs. Zenless Zone Zero was announced a few weeks ago, along with an invitation for interested players to sign up for a beta test.

The release date for both games is currently unknown.

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