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Honkai Star Rail Sunright Tea Studio Event: how to attend, rewards, and meetup details

HoYoverse is no stranger to collaborations. It even held a launch week event in Times Square for Honkai Star Rail, where fans could take pictures with a replica of the Astral Express and professional cosplayers dressed as the main cast. This time, HoYoverse announced a new global event for Honkai Star Rail related to bubble tea shops. It’s directly related to the “Sunright Tea Studio Event.”

Cosmic Refreshment Supply, the global event in question, offers Honkai Star Rail fans a way to get merch by purchasing drinks from HoYoverse partners across the globe. Sunright Tea Studio, a popular bubble tea chain from California, is HoYoverse’s partner for the event in the United States. Other event partners include Happy Lemon in the Philippines, KOI in Malaysia, and CHAGEE in Singapore.

Honkai Star Rail fans in the U.S. might be confused about how they can participate in the event, especially if they haven’t heard of Sunright Tea Studio before. Thankfully, we’re here to clear that up for you. Here’s how you can participate in the Sunright Tea Studio Event and what you can get from it.

When is the Sunright Tea Studio Event?

The Sunright Tea Studio Event starts on Wednesday, July 19, and ends on Wednesday, August 30. Honkai Star Rail fans in the U.S. have over a full month to claim rewards from this event.

Where is the Sunright Tea Studio Event?

Sunright Tea Studio locations in United States on Google Maps
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Unfortunately, the Sunright Tea Studio Event is limited to Sunright Tea Studio bubble tea shops. Most of them are located on the west coast in Southern California with only a few stray shops in other parts of the country near Houston, Texas, and O’Fallon, Missouri. You can view the full list of locations on Google Maps or directly on the Sunright Tea Studio website.

What drinks can I get from the Sunright Tea Studio Event?

Honkai: Star Rail Global Tea Event global partners logos
Image used with permission by copyright holder

There are two Honkai Star Rail character-themed drinks that you can buy from Sunright Tea Studio during the event. HoYoverse hasn’t indicated that they will return again in the future, so get them while you can.

  • Kafka: Blushing Blueberry Splendor
  • Blade: Karmic Chocolate Matcha

What rewards can I get from the Sunright Tea Studio Event?

Honkai: Star Rail Cosmic Refreshment Supply stickers, coasters, and cup sleeves with Blade and Kafka
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Most of the rewards revolve around the Kafka and Blade collaboration drinks. All the Global Tea Ceremony Events, including the Sunright Tea Studio Event, offer complimentary cup sleeves, stickers, coasters, and redemption cards depending on the number of collaboration drinks you order from the shop. HoYoverse posted previews of the items on its official blog and on Twitter.

Here’s what you can get:

  • 1 collaboration drink: Get a complimentary, randomized cup sleeve and redemption card.
  • 2+ collaboration drinks: Get a pair of coasters, two randomized cup sleeves, and a redemption card per drink.

Don’t worry if the Kafka and Blade drink flavors don’t match your tastes. You can still get a sticker when you buy any drink from Sunright Tea Studio during the event.

What is the Sunright Tea Studio Fan Meet-Up?

Blade from Honkai: Star Rail holding sword in front of face with eyes closed
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Sunright Tea Studio Fan Meet-Up is a separate event from the Sunright Tea Studio Event. The general event is an ongoing deal where you can earn free merch. The fan meetup is on a specific date at a specific place. It’s only happening in the Sunright Tea Studio in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo.

Here are the details for the Honkai Star Rail Sunright Tea Studio Fan Meet-Up:

  • Date/Time: Saturday, July 29 from 2 to 4 PM Pacific
  • Location: 134 South Central Ave, Los Angeles

You need to RSVP for the meetup, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get in. HoYoverse hasn’t specified exactly how it’ll be reviewing its applications, but it will be “finalizing the guest list based on various factors.”

As per the official announcement, Kafka and Blade are apparently going to be there. Based on what’s happened at past HoYoverse events, that might mean that professional cosplayers dressed as Kafka and Blade will appear on-site. If you show up in your own Honkai Star Rail cosplay, you will get a free Trailblazer postcard (while supplies last).

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