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Here’s how you can play Summer Game Fest demos on Xbox this month

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This story is part of our Summer Gaming Marathon series.

If you were one of the many who witnessed the recent Summer Game Fest from the comfort of your home and wish you could get to try a few of the demos then your wish is coming true (at least if you own an Xbox console). Xbox confirmed that it is once again teaming with Geoff Keighley’s summer event to bring select demos from the show floor to Xbox One and Series X/S consoles for a week.

Announcing the Xbox #SummerGameFest demo event starting June 21 – play more than 30 games from the comfort of home!

— Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) June 16, 2022

From June 21 through June 27, Xbox owners can try out over 30 demos for upcoming unreleased games that appeared at Summer Game Fest. This is the third time that Xbox has teamed with the event to bring a part of the experience home.

The games confirmed to be coming to the program include Batora: Lost Haven, Broken Pieces, Severed Steel, and Tinykin. Xbox states that the full list of titles is to be revealed closer to the actual starting day of the demo week.

While some of these games may keep their demos around, Xbox made it clear in its blog that most will only be available during the week of the demo event. It also stated that many of these are “show floor demos” and proof of concepts, meaning they are not necessarily indicative of the final product, and are mostly around for players and testers to give feedback, which these developers want.

If you’re an Xbox owner you can join in on the early access and prolonged Summer Game Fest fun with these demos from June 21 through June 27.

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