Gear up at Destiny’s Vanguard Armory

gear destinys vanguard armory destiny

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The beta may be shutting down for a few days in anticipation of welcoming in the flood of Xbox gamers, but Bungie continues to dole out tasty morsels to keep your appetite whetted for the impending release of Destiny. This latest video is a trailer for the Vanguard Armory, a hub of new weapons and gear that will be unlocked for anyone that pre-orders the game.

The mysterious Vanguard keep vigilant watch over the other Guardians from their tower high above the city. Only the most dedicated heroes are welcome to their armory of cutting-edge weaponry and gear. Pre-ordering players will be granted immediate access to the armory at launch, along with an exclusive player emblem.

Destiny is currently in open beta, and will launch officially for PlayStation and Xbox consoles on September 9.