Get surreal in Payday 2’s upcoming Hotline Miami DLC

get surreal payday 2 hotline miami dlc

In a collaboration you didn’t even know you wanted, Overkill Software has teamed up with Dennaton Games to bring you a Hotline Miami-themed downloadable content for Payday 2coming to Steam at the end of September 2014. What exactly this means for the co-op heist simulator is unclear, since the trailer doesn’t show any gameplay, but the two games’ common denominators are criminal mayhem and colorful masks, so expect it to be a lot of fun.

Payday 2 expanded on the great ideas of the Swedish studio’s first heist game, creating a tremendously entertaining cooperative experience. Complementary classes with skill tree progressions, like the silver-tounged Mastermind or brutal Enforcer allow for smart and flexible teamwork.

Hotline Miami has a more anarchic and lo-fi bent to its crime, with the goal of creating as much mayhem and murder in as little time as possible. The pixel-styled protagonists wear animal masks as they bludgeon hapless guards to death to a psychedelic soundtrack, giving the whole experience a surreal tinge–Boondock Saints meets Animal Collective.

The DLC will arrive on Steam on September 30. The developer has revealed that there will be a new heist involved, but will not share any more details until the end of the month. We loved both of these games, and so are very excited to see what their bizarre lovechild will look like.