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Live-action prequel to ‘Ghost Recon Wildlands’ hits Amazon Prime this month

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Live Action Trailer: War Within the Cartel [US]
Ubisoft will explore the backstory behind its upcoming open-world shooter Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands in War Within the Cartel, a live-action prequel premiering via Twitch and Amazon Prime Video later this month.

Wildlands‘ prequel represents Ubisoft’s latest venture in the world of live-action entertainment, following up on 2016’s feature film adaptation of Assassin’s Creed. Players can likely expect to see more live-action content inspired by Ubisoft games in the months ahead.

Ghost Recon Wildlands boasts a massive in-game map modeled after the real-world nation of Bolivia, which players will explore with a team of friends or AI squadmates. The game’s storyline puts players in control of heavily armed special operatives, who must work together to destabilize a controlling drug cartel.

The live-action prequel to Wildlands will explore the origins of the Santa Blanca drug cartel and its leader, El Sueño. Storyline-wise, War Within the Cartel will detail El Sueño’s rise to power and the multiple revenge killings that led to  United States military to deploy the Ghosts in response.

Other starring characters making their debut in the Wildlands prequel include Santa Blanca Head of Security El Muro, Head of Production El Yayo, Head of Operations Nidia Flore, and Head of Influence El Cardenal. Players can watch the live-action featurette to gain insight into the motivations driving Santa Blanca’s bosses, potentially giving them an edge during gameplay.

War Within the Cartel will debut during a live-streamed presentation on February 16 via Ubisoft’s Twitch channel. Fans who miss the live-streamed premiere can catch an on-demand replay via Amazon Prime Video in the weeks leading up to Ghost Recon Wildlands‘ retail debut.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands launches for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms on March 7.

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