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Godfall Ultimate Edition beginner’s guide: 12 tips and tricks to get started

Godfall first launched in 2020 as a PlayStation 5 and Epic Games Store exclusive. Fast forward to 2022, and the game has been given a second chance with the launch of Godfall Ultimate Edition on Xbox and Steam. The updated version comes with a bunch of DLC and new in-game content, but the core gameplay loop remains the same — that is, you’ll be looting, slashing, and upgrading your skills as you take down increasingly deadly foes.

Newcomers to Godfall should be able to learn the basics without issue, but if you find yourself struggling with an early boss (or just want to build some good habits before diving deeper into the action), here are 12 Godfall tips to help get you started.

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Change your settings

Godfall player in combat.

Like all third-person action games, one of the keys to success is proper positioning while in combat. Let enemies encircle you, and you’re going to have a tough road ahead. By default, Godfall offers a rather narrow field of view. This makes it easy for monsters to sneak behind you or lose track of targets during the heat of combat. It’s highly recommended you dive into the Video settings menu and increase the Additional Field of View slider, as this will give you a better look at your peripherals and a better view of the battlefield.

Learn to parry

Dodging and blocking attacks are both completely viable ways to protect yourself in combat, but parrying remains the most useful defensive skill in your repertoire. Not only does it negate any incoming damage but you’ll also stagger opponents and open them up for subsequent attacks. Not all enemies or attacks can be parried, however, and these are typically indicated by an enemy flashing brightly before launching their skill. To parry, simply press the Block button when your character is about to be struck — if timed properly, you’ll have effectively parried your opponent.

Manage your gear and inventory

Half the fun of Godfall is discovering powerful new gear and weapons that’ll help you on your journey. This is both a blessing and a curse, as the game throws a lot of loot your way — and your inventory will quickly become overwhelmed. Be sure to check your inventory frequently (a few times per mission, if necessary), and at least between each quest. This ensures you’re running with the most powerful gear at your disposal and should make upcoming challenges easier than they’d otherwise be.

Explore all valorplates

Godfall Valorplate menu notification.

Twelve different Valorplates are up for grabs, each one with a unique set of skills and abilities. They won’t all be accessible at the start of the game, but you can peruse the selection and figure out what items are needed to unlock them and view what skills they bring to the table. Look at these as early as possible, as they’ll not only keep you motivated to keep playing but you’ll also know which components to keep an eye out for.

Master your weapon type

Godfall features five weapon classes: Longswords, Dual Blades, Polearms, Warhammers, and Greatswords. Each class comes with an exclusive set of moves and abilities, giving you a specific playstyle based on what you’re holding. Be sure to check out the Training Room to learn more about each weapon, as well as get some hands-on combat experience before embarking on a new mission.

Plan out your skill tree (and re-spec as needed)

Godfall players preparing for combat.

Godfall boasts a surprisingly deep skill tree, with a variety of unlockable skills and upgrade paths. Each player will likely discover their own way through the maze of upgrades, but we’d highly recommend focusing on the Soulshatter, Weapon Timing, Weapon Techniques, and Shield Throw skills as a beginner. These will give you a solid foundation for both melee and ranged attacks, while also giving you a task of some powerful moves you’ll discover later on.

Upgrade your gear

You’ll need to first discover Zenun Earthminder (which will happen fairly early in your playthrough), but with that task out of the way, Godfall gives you the option to upgrade your favorite weapons. Simply interact with the forge, choose the weapon you’d like to upgrade, ensure you have all necessary upgrade components, and select Upgrade. Weapons can be improved five times, so keep your eyes glued to the ground for valuable resources if you’re hoping to max out your stats.

Make use of takedowns

Godfall player in combat.

It won’t work on all enemies, but Takedowns give you the chance to deal massive damage with a single button press or keystroke. Depending on your skill level, you’ll be able to perform Takedowns after parrying an enemy or after dealing enough damage to raise their Breach level (located below their health bar). A small icon will flash on enemies who are Breached and ready for a Takedown — so make sure you don’t miss out on the easy damage.

Soulshatter is your best friend

As mentioned already, Soulshatter is a powerful ability that makes combat a breeze. It’s glossed over during the tutorial, but Soulshatter essentially deals additional damage when using a heavy attack after performing a few light attacks. As you hack away at opponents with light attacks, you’ll notice a portion of their health bar become outlined — if you follow up with a heavy attack, this outlined portion will be depleted. Because of this, it’s important to weave in a few, slow heavy attacks after landing several light attacks, as Soulshatter is essentially Godfall‘s way of giving you free DPS output for varying your button presses.

Search for chests and destructible objects

Godfall player staring at a treasure chest.

While you can certainly blaze through each level in a straight line, Godfall has plenty of hidden items for curious players to discover. Many of these objects and resources can be found using Spirit Vision (unlocked within your first hour of play), but it’s just as important to keep your eyes peeled for destructible objects such as pottery. These are often hiding health orbs, and they’ll come in handy during challenging encounters or if you find yourself running low on healing charges.

Don’t button-mash

Button-mashing is an easy trap to fall into with Godfall. Early stages are simple, and there’s little need to change up your attacks to be successful. However, it’s best to break that habit early. Not only does the challenge ramp up considerably if you decide to jump to a new difficulty level but many skills (such as Weapon Timing and Soulshatter) rely on carefully timed button presses. Button-mashing also leaves you prone to attacks from swift enemies, as you won’t be able to break out of your motion and dodge their assault.

Enemies often signal their attacks

Godfall gives you some gigantic bosses to slay. And while they might look intimidating, many of their most dangerous attacks are signaled long before they’re a threat. Be on the lookout for flashing effects or any animation that causes enemies to raise their weapons. The same holds true for smaller enemies, which often have long windup phases before unleashing a flurry of attacks.

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