Google rewards April Fools Pokémon Masters

google rewards april fools pokemon masters master

Pokémon fans were delighted by Google’s recent April Fools Day prank, which unleashed all 151 of the original critters across the globe in the Google Maps app, allowing dedicated fans to hunt out their locations and compile them into a Pokédex database. Those Pokémon Masters that truly had to catch ’em all will now be receiving a special, physical reward.

Users that managed to hunt down all 150 (and the secret Mew that only appeared after the rest had been located) are now being contacted by Google. They’re directed to a Drive document where they’re asked to verify their achievement and provide shipping information. See the note here:

pokemon masters

There is no word yet on what the reward will be, but you can expect the Internet to keep us apprised as they ship out over the next four to six weeks. The Pokémon Challenge has been taken down now, though, so prize-grubbing Team Rocket members are out of luck if they were hoping to cash in now that they know about the reward–only the purest of heart and most obsessive of commitment can be true Pokémon Masters.

(via Android Police)

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