Got questions about the PlayStation 4? We’ll try to answer them

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The PlayStation 4 is due to hit store shelves on Friday November 15, 2013, but we got our hands on one early. Keep an eye out for our review on Wednesday November 13, where we take a close look at everything from the hardware to the UI to the aesthetics of the case. We’ll break down the system and test it out, but if you have a specific question regarding the PS4, let us know now.

If it is within our power, we’ll test it out for you and report our findings. Curious if a certain website will run in the PS4 browser? Want to know how much it weighs? Wondering if it has a power brick on the AC cord? We may already plan to answer many of your questions, but feel free to ask, we are at your disposal. 

Just don’t ask us to test how far of a drop it can survive, or if it can operate while underwater. That would just be mean.

So sound off in the comments below and keep an eye out for our review.