Grand Theft Auto V PC listings on Amazon Europe suggest an upcoming release

grand theft auto v pc listings amazon europe suggest upcoming release rsg gtav screenshot 216

Rockstar Games continues to say nothing about the prospects of seeing Grand Theft Auto V surface on more platforms, but newly spotted Amazon listings in Germany and France (now removed) suggest that a PC version may be coming along soon (via DualShockers). There’s no date included in the Amazon listing, though March 2014 represents the six-month mark since GTA V‘s September 2013 release for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

This follows news from earlier in the month that a Rockstar bug log leaked back in September 2013 contains multiple references – more than 170 – to issues with a PC build of GTA V, including references to DirectX 11 support and a “smog” weather effect (via PC Gamer). The bug log covers a stretch of time extending all the way back to April 2009, though the first mentions of a PC build don’t surface until June 2012.

Past experience with GTA releases certainly supports the notion of an eventual PC release. Every “console-exclusive” game in the series since GTA III has made its way to PC at some point. We’ll keep you posted on any other developments, but bear in mind that nothing is official until Rockstar formally announces it.