The most dangerous game: Hunt your fellow man in GTA Online’s Adversary Modes

gta online adversary modes
Alongside GTA Online’s long-anticipated cooperative heists, Rockstar Games has announced three new player-vs-player modes to keep things spicy. These Adversary Modes unlock as players complete heists.

If Evolve piqued your interest for hunting down your fellow players, Come Out To Play is the mode for you. A team of three runners, heavily armed but limited to movement on foot, tries to make it home while a team of shotgun-wielding, motorbike/ATV-riding hunters tries to run them down. Hunters have unlimited lives, but runners are limited to one each.

Hasta La Vista continues the theme of players hunting players, but this time with a vehicular twist. A team of cyclists wins if one of their members reaches a designated checkpoint. However, a team of truckers is simultaneously trying to run the cyclists down, using no weapons other than their hulking, big rig trucks to crush the nimble cyclists.

Siege Mentality pits up to four players holding a single location against an assault of up to six other players attempting to take them out. The defending players have access to a full arsenal. The attackers are limited to sawn-off shotguns, but also have unlimited lives.

In addition to Heists and the new Adversary Modes, players also get three new Daily Objectives, a rotating set of challenges with cash rewards up to $500,000. There are also new Freemode activities for even greater variety and rewards, delivered via new phone calls from Lester, Lamar, Trevor, or Ron who may need your assistance and are willing to pay for it.

All of these features are coming to GTA Online along with Heists on March 10. The PC edition of Grand Theft Auto V follows shortly thereafter on April 14.

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