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Grand Theft Auto V finally coming to next-gen consoles this fall

The highly anticipated next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto V will launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on November 11. In addition to the release date, developer Rockstar promises major updates for both GTA Online and Red Dead Online, coming this summer.

Rockstar hasn’t revealed too much about what the new version of Grand Theft Auto V will entail. It notes that it’ll come with “new features,” though it’s unclear if that just refers to graphical updates or not.

Coinciding with the launch of Grand Theft Auto V on new hardware, Rockstar reiterated that GTA Online will be free to PS Plus members on PS5 for the first three months. The developer boasts new features and enhancements for the next-gen version of the beloved open-world game, though specific details about it are scarce.

Starting on May 27, GTA Online kicks the summer off with eight new Stunt Races, and “shortly thereafter,” fans will gain access to seven new Deadline arenas. More Survival locations will be introduced this summer, as well, along with a slew of new items, and quality of life improvements.

On the Red Dead Online side of things, fans can expect eight new Races that will be added on May 25. As Rockstar explains, the Races span across the five states, giving players a variety of locales to choose from. The update features new Standard Races, as well as Open Races, Target Races, and Open Target Races. Rockstar also teased new missions that send players on “larger” robberies and more.

Rockstar ended its announcement by stating there is “much more” to be revealed, but there’s no word yet on other projects like the next game in the Grand Theft Auto series.

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