Guacamelee studio reveals first-person dungeon crawler Severed

DrinkBox Studios is busy prepping its Super Turbo Championship Edition re-release of Guacamelee for consoles, but that hasn’t stopped the Canadian developer from delivering a reveal of its next game, Severed. It’s a gesture-based first-person dungeon crawler that looks like a wildly stylized descendant of Wizardry.

Heck yeah.

There’s no mention of target platforms yet, but DrinkBox is planning to get this out out by spring 2015. The game features non-linear play, light RPG elements, and a soundtrack from Yamantaka // Sonic Titan. The target launch price is listed as “$1 million (or TBD)” in the fact sheet, though we’re going offer the bold speculation that it’s going to come down a bit from that number before the eventual release. (Actually, we’re told it’s a joke. The game’s only going to cost $250,000. A bargain.)

You’ll eventually be able to find out more on the official Severed website, but it’s just logo at the moment. Check out the game’s concept trailer below and thumb through an assortment of screens at the top of the page.