Halloween spawns more real-world Angry Birds competition

We’ve chronicled more than a few real-world versions of Angry Birds here, and it looks like the Halloween season has brought us yet another twist on the classic.

This time, instead of soccer balls or plush versions of the iconic birds, painted pumpkins were used as both the birds and their targets, the pigs. (See? There’s a seasonal theme!) While much of the video is a bit anticlimactic — apparently, it’s more difficult to aim a makeshift pumpkin slingshot than we thought — the show does have an explosive finale.

Recent months have seen a spate of Angry Birds-related news items, so it’s beginning to seem strange if a few days go by without a mention of the game in the headlines. Yesterday, we got word of Rovio’s pans to open Angry Birds stores in China, and late last week we showed you the Hitchcock-inspired short film The Birds of Anger.

Face it, folks: It’s Angry Birds‘ world and we’re just living in it.

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